Google Chrome Download and Install for windows

Google chrome is free web browser for windows xp / vista / 7 / 8 /10. Simple in installation in minutes, no special skill require.

why google chrome used by millions people?

  • Google Chrome Browse faster
  • Pick up where you left off
  • Experience a smarter web
  • Available free Large library of extensions and add-ons
  • Clean, simple user interface
  • Chrome’s Task Manager
  • Have incognito Mode
  • Update version without fresh installation

How to download and install google chrome on windows?

If you want try manual installation please download google chrome for windows file by click image below:

For automatic installation please follow instructions below:

  1. Go to google chrome developer here>>
  2. Click download button
  3. Read term of service  and then click Install button :google chrome installation for windows8
  4. Save setup exe on pop-up dialogue :
  5. Open downloaded file and click the file :
  6. Wait until download full installation completed : how to install google chrome on windows 8
  7. Google Chrome will automatically opens after installation processes is completed.

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