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what does skeleton on a box mean

Bone - definition bone free dictionary, Bone (bōn) n. 1. a. the dense, semirigid, porous, calcified connective tissue forming the major portion of the skeleton of most vertebrates. it consists of a dense. Do rats collapsible skeleton? - rat behavior, Do rats have a collapsible skeleton? do rats have a collapsible skeleton? do rats have a skeleton made entirely of cartilage? no. these are myths.. What frame ? - definitions.net, Definition of frame in the definitions.net dictionary. meaning of frame. what does frame mean? information and translations of frame in the most comprehensive.

What sloth? - nature institute, We losing animals. numerically extinction species. losing understanding. . http://natureinstitute.org/nature/sloth.htm What vertebrate ? definition, meaning , Dictionary entry overview: vertebrate ? • vertebrate (noun) noun vertebrate 1 sense: 1. animals bony cartilaginous skeleton . http://www.audioenglish.org/dictionary/vertebrate.htm Skeleton (anatomy) | definition skeleton (anatomy) , Skeleton [skel´ĕ-ton] hardened tissues forming supporting framework animal body; skeletal system. axial skeleton (skeleton axia´le) bones . http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/Skeleton+(anatomy)