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what do snapchat ghost faces mean

Snapchat emoji meanings: hourglass , If you got snapchat’s latest update, chances are, you noticed a new hourglass or timer emoji next to some of your friends’ names. but what does it mean?. Snapchat emoji meanings: , Snapchat emoji meanings: everything you need to know an intro to the new snapchat feature, which has replaced best friends share pin. 12 surprising snapchat users , Honestly, from cryptic smiley faces to the elusive replay feature my enjoyment of snapchat is always tempered by the sneaking suspicion that i'm missing out on something..

Snapchat - wikipedia, Snapchat image messaging multimedia mobile application created evan spiegel, bobby murphy, reggie brown, students stanford university, . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snapchat What emojis snapchat ? | independent, Snapchat replaced “ friends” feature emojis — code faces tough work . faces friend’. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/what-do-the-emojis-on-snapchat-mean-10159447.html Snapchat emoji meanings — friend emojis - emojipedia, Snapchat. wondered “ emojis snapchat?” emojis snapchat contact names meanings:. http://emojipedia.org/snapchat/