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Bluefin tuna fishing tackle tips, techniques | saltwater, A guide to proven bluefin tuna fishing tackle tips and techniques featuring squid rigs, spreader bars, bird bars with tuna articles, videos, pictures and saltwater. Photos giant bluefin tuna - page 1 6 - big marine fish, Below, the crew of tuna hunter strains to bring a 900 lb. giant over the rail. it was caught on the final day of the season in 1998 while fishing the "rockpile" north. Atlantic bluefin tuna videos, photos facts - thunnus, One of the largest of the tunas, the atlantic bluefin tuna (thunnus thynnus) has been called a ‘pinnacle of fish evolution’, refer.

Atlantic bluefin tuna | national geographic, The atlantic bluefin tuna largest, fastest, gorgeously colored world’ fishes. torpedo-shaped, streamlined bodies built. Southern bluefin tuna - - solander seafood & fishing nz, Southern bluefin tuna preparation. southern bluefin tuna beautiful sashimi rich fat melts mouth. flesh southern bluefin tuna . Largest bluefin tuna - -tackle igfa world record, Photo largest bluefin tuna caught - igfa -tackle world record.