BlackBerry Guardian, for Detecting Malware in Android BlackBerry 10

picture for blackberry guardian 10BlackBerry Security Summit 2014 taking place this week spawned BlackBerry Guardian. In addition, the BlackBerry also announced a deeper integration of BlackBerry Guardian. those users who have BlackBerry handsets running OS 10.3 beta, BlackBerry Guardian has you can try, complete with new integration is (available at BlackBerry World). then what function the BlackBerry Guardian ? As you know, since the release of OS 10.2.1, BlackBerry equipped with the ability to install APK files on Android that do not exist in the BlackBerry World. Call it the Instagram, you can easily Googling APK files from Instagram to then direct you install on the BlackBerry 10 handsets, without the help of computers. Because of the easy installation of Android apps on BlackBerry 10, it could be you accidentally install malware instead. That’s why BlackBerry Guardian needed. BlackBerry Guardian will check all of the Android apps that installed on your BlackBerry smartphone. Done automatically, this service also check the Android app from the Amazon App store and other Android apps that you install from other sources. Though BlackBerry Guardian can be installed on BlackBerry handsets running OS 10.3 beta but the debut of this new service is done with release Passport BlackBerry, BlackBerry Classic and new BB10 devices other new releases. Later all BB10 devices will also get update Guardian to protect your smartphone from the Android malware.

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