In 2015, the iPhone Baseband Chip 6s Coming Use Own Custom Plan (Rumor)

new upcoming iphone 6 2015Apple so far prefer to design their own chip processor that they will use for their iOS products, and submit the production process to other companies. However, this only applies to the processor chip, because for LTE modem chip baseband alias, Apple chose to use a Qualcomm chip design (produced via TSMC).

For the next year, DigiTimes get a glimpse of the players in the industry that Apple seems to be ready to design their own custom baseband chip. This possibility arises because Apple reportedly formed a research and development team to design their own baseband chip. For the production process, Apple seems to be choosing Samsung and Globalfoundaries as the supplier.

DigiTimes also mentions that even though it was rumored that Apple wants to unite this baseband chip into the processor chip them to become an SoC (system-on-a-chip), Apple seems to prefer to use a design that separates the baseband chip with the processor chip.

This news obviously responded with grim by Qualcomm and TSMC, considering 50 percent of baseband chips on the market is that the Qualcomm chip design production process implemented by TSMC. In one year, the velocity of money in the baseband chip industry ranges from $ 16 – $ 19 billion. Can you count yourself Qualcomm potential revenue in a year is not it?

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