Chromecast App for Windows Phone

chromecast app for windows phoneChromecast App for Windows Phone

Windows Phone operating system has been hit with a very big blow both from Android and iOS. Even Nokia, once the biggest phone manufacturer in the world, failed to reach the target market share with their development of Windows Phone. But still, as bad as it is, there are still some people who like the simplicity of the OS and use the phone. And if you are one of them, the good news is that you still can use your device to stream videos and also cast them to your TV.

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Well, the truth is you can’t actually do the casting with your phone alone. But you can by combining the tech of your phone with the newly upgraded Chromecast dongles. Just plug the dongles and choose the best Chromecast App for Windows Phone to start the new experience of enjoying your online streams.

Best Choices for Chromecast App for Windows Phone

The very first one that might want to try on your Windows Phone is Tube Cast. This is actually the very first Chromecast app that can be used on Windows Phone devices. It has the basic capabilities of casting, such as feeding the videos that you stream from your phone right to your TV set that is connected through the same connection. But the thing is, this app has never been developed more and is still only on the first version. So, there may be bug that you encounter that has never been fixed. But it can still do the basic function perfectly well.

Meanwhile, the Tubecast should also be fine for you. Yes, the name is very similar with the previous Chromecast app that we list. But this one is more polished and looks more professional. This one is not actually Chromecast app, rather than YouTube streaming app with support for video casting. The great thing is that you can also use this for other casting devices, such as Apple Play or Roku. The downside is that it has a price tag on it, but you can try it out for free for a limited time. Worth a try?

Lastly, you can also install Cloud for Chromecast on your windows phone. This one will allow you to stream the videos you have stored on your OneDrive to your TV. Not only videos, it will also support photos and music. This is nice if you already have a lot of your media files stored on OneDrive account. But for the people who have no premium account on the cloud, it might not be very good since they will need to pay more for the service. Also, the app not free if you want Google Drive support. But you can try the free version that will only support OneDrive.

So, it depends on you to choose the right Chromecast App for your Windows Phone. The choices might not be a lot, since there is no option for you to cast content from premium services, such as Hulu or Netflix. This might be caused by the fact that Windows Phone is not very popular for mobile users. But if YouTube is enough for you, those three should be sufficient.

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