Plane Shooter 3D: War Game

1409642636 war game Plane Shooter 3D: War Game Plane Shooter 3D: War Game l Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 30.16MBDevelopers: The Game Boss | Language: English

Soldier, save your country and nation from the deadliest air attack by neighboring country. The Game Boss presents best action Air strike shooter game!!!
The Super Assault Jets are striking your land. Take charge and attack
the brutal Planes. It’s time for Action; Fight Fiercely, Strike Hard,
Equip with 3D Guns and shoot like Hell. Bring Down the Copters with 3D
Destructive Guns. Upgrade your 3D Guns for mass destruction. Gunship
It’s time to Counter Strike your enemies! Take down the enemy Flying
Planes. Make hell on earth. Destroy all the Enemy Jets, Blow the
Drones and Crash the Copters; it’s no time for Mercy. Lead towards
Experience an intense, aggressive ultra air combat combining
long-range Air Strikes and close range Attacks.
3D High-tech tactical Guns; Laser, Plasma, Missile, Flak
Special Super Shield
Shoot down super Air crafts
Drones, F18,Helicopters, F22 Copter, Classic World War Jet,Bomber Ship
Fierce Air Shooting Experience
Ground Air Attacks
HD graphics
And much more!
1409642614 war zgame Plane Shooter 3D: War Game
1409642673 war gamez Plane Shooter 3D: War Game
1409642672 war game Plane Shooter 3D: War Game

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