Destruction Race – On the Farm

Destruction Race – On the Farm :1411745160 destruction race Destruction Race On the Farm

Destruction Race – On the Farm : You are a driver. You goal is to drive a vehicle. But… there is always a but. Now you have another goal as well – to destroy everything in your path! Use your skills to finish the course the fastest possible, but that can be done by anyone. Only the toughest ones can get enough bonuses destroying everything to advance properly!
Driving is not easy even in a clean road. But now, when and where you must hit a lot of objects in your farmyard it will be a real challenge! Using real time physics, this special simulation of destruction will entertain you for a long time, trying to achieve better and better results, unlock more and more challenges and buying all available cars.
Beware! Some objects aren’t destructible – so choose wisely which parts of the tracks you must hit, and which ones you must leave alone.
This game is not for shy people – be brave and hit everything, get coins and get the ultimate pickup to destroy even more! Endless fun including endless destruction of the racetrack!
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